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There is a fundamental shift in the way we consume food. A polarisation between experience and convenience with changing preferences.

We're here to reimagine, remodel and redesign the way you consume food.

The world is changing.
So are we. 

Taking over the food space the Foodsta Way

Our mission is to deliver fresh ingredients, fabulous meals and unforgettable dining experiences

Our customer is the digitally native time starved consumer. We shape brands to be a part of their food journey — brands that our audience can relate to and something that keeps them craving more. 

We run A-Z full-stack operations with a two-fold approach — Experience Stores, where we build emotional connections to food and Cloud Kitchens, which we use to expand and capture a larger demographic.

Our approach on creating operational excellence under both domains involves the use of data and technology to create fully optimised kitchens.

Concept Stores

for diners to experience our brands.

Foodsta Rewards

for a recall loop and

consistent engagement

Cloud Kitchens

for scale and speed whilst keeping our brand promises.

Foodsta Commerce

to create a one stop solution for discovery and consumption


Brands that fit

and adapt to our customer's food consumption patterns

Foodsta Robotics

for operational excellence through optimized supply chain


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Partners across the industry 

Hear it from the crowd

One of my favourite Asian places to go. I don't repeat restaurants often unless they are that good 😊 Mapo tofu is always my go to here. If you love Milo, don't miss having it here! 

Visited here yesterday and the food was still great :)
Service is really good! 100% recommend this place! 

- Vidya Lal, Nasi and Mee Chennai

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