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Image by Pooja Chaudhary
We do more than just great food. Explore solutions for your Hospitality Business.

Adopt the Foodsta way to your hospitality business

If these are your pain points, we can help! 
License a Foodsta brand today for your space, sit back and watch the magic unfold.

Under utilisation of your current kitchen and operating infrastructure. 

Confused about how to target a digitally native audience 

Lack the technical know-how of digital brand building

Challenges with managing an e-commerce infrastructure

Struggling to run a sustainable food venture for your business?

We see you,
We know the struggle is real,
and we're here to take the burden off!

Hassle free
set up

Plug and play our brand with ease within a matter of days! 

Suite of 

E-commerce focussed brands that suit your current setup and consumer data within your area


Reach customers beyond your 4 walls using existing infrastructure and labour

Managed Services

Focus on the food prep and leave

the rest to us! 

Sounds like something
you could use? 

Book your free

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